Engineering & Construction
Renewable Power Manager
- Nationwide Permanent

Join a dynamic and expanding engineering firm operating across multiple industries. This role is thrilling and offers a unique opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking projects. In this exciting role, you'll be at the forefront of the emerging energy revolution, assisting the company’s  Renewable Power. As a true seller/doer, you'll drive business development and spearhead project execution. With a strong focus on Electric Utilities, Power Generators, and Developers, your main objective will be to acquire new accounts while nurturing existing ones for growth.

If you have a strong passion for renewable energy and aspire to make a substantial difference, this position is an ideal fit for you!



Key responsibilities for this role will include (but not limited to):


•    Adhering to the Client's Project Management process, prepare and update financial forecasts, project schedules, and other necessary reports on a weekly or monthly basis, or as required.
•    Taking charge of project meetings, recording meeting minutes, and distributing them to all project team members.
•    Promptly addressing project inquiries from client management or support teams as needed.
•    Immediately notify project stakeholders if the project is projected to exceed the approved budget or schedule, or if significant project issues are identified.
•    Carrying out project administrative tasks such as handling purchase and change orders, verifying work status, processing unvouchered liabilities, reviewing invoices, and updating the overall project status.
•    Coordinating the development of designs, submitting and reviewing drawings.
•    Resolving unforeseen issues that arise in the field.
•    Tracking and managing project compliance, both non-regulatory and regulatory.
•    Assisting in resolving any issues related to siting/permitting, municipality, and/or abutters.
•    Facilitating contractor sourcing activities, including issuing RFPs, analyzing bids, and making award recommendations.
•    Leading and/or participating in project close-out activities.
•    Managing client relationships to ensure clear understanding and fulfillment of expectations. Collaborating with the management team when necessary to maintain positive client relationships and resolve any client concerns. This role requires project management expertise, project execution skills, and team leadership abilities.


Required and desired skillsets, experience and qualifications for this role: 


•    Bachelor’s degree preferably in engineering.
•    A minimum of 8-10 years of experience in the Renewable Energy/Renewable Power industry.
•    Extensive connections within the Power Generation/Utilities Sectors.
•    Possession of an established network of utility clients to promote renewable energy.
•    Previous experience with engineering services firms, renewable energy consultants, renewable energy laboratories, or involvement in the utility market.
•    Capable of working independently in a remote office setting, collaborating across various business functions.
•    Willingness and ability to travel 3 to 4 times per month (50-70% travel) as required.
•    Ability to utilize Excel spreadsheets, create excel trackers, and be able to use Word and Powerpoint for reporting/presentations via teams or in person.



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