4 October 2021
Podcast with Rory Maddocks; addressing modern-day recruitment challenges and talisman’s approach to shifting the value proposition

Recruitment companies have a reputation for claiming they have a ‘unique approach' to talent acquisition. Seemingly every week there are new agencies promoting they have found the ‘secret to successful hiring’ and that they’re going to change all perceptions in the market. Statements such as these have unfortunately overwhelmed organizations and they are no longer fooled by shiny marketing campaigns or empty promise statements.


It’s making it harder for genuine messages to be heard, but regardless of this, talisman advisory partners is here to prove that there’s credibility in being a new company in recruitment. Especially one that offers just as much to its clients as it does to its internal talent team.


Rory Maddocks, managing partner and one of the two founding friends who created talisman, discusses on the ‘recruiting trailblazers’ podcast the what, why and how of talisman’s existence.


It started with an observation …


The industry is changing and the use of AI/machine learning is driving a high-volume style of recruitment. Companies want mass growth; mass profit and mass success … and they want it now. The only problem with this is that we are losing that all too important personal touch. Clients are buying into the idea that data can determine the ‘perfect candidate’ and speed up the hiring process. However, what may seem like a good fit on paper, doesn’t guarantee a high-quality engagement when meeting in person. This is often realized too late in an already expensive and time-consuming approach.


What Rory Maddocks and Andrew Harris realized was missing, is a holistic view of talent advisory. There is a gap in the market to work with clients on their entire talent acquisition process. Providing guidance and partnership in a company’s branding, mission, vision, HR processes, market research, recruitment approach and onboarding processes.


Why work with an agency on one aspect of recruitment, when, let’s be honest, it impacts and influences many more elements of an organization’s operations. This disconnected method in utilizing recruitment services is what is driving clients to really scrutinize who they partner with, or alternatively, opt for a quick-fix, cheap solution that rarely provides a successful outcome.


This is not to say that other agencies haven’t previously tried to provide this all-encompassing recruitment style, but it is rare for it to be done successfully, and consistently. What it takes is a ‘practice what you preach’ mindset. At talisman our dedicated outlook on our own internal acquisition allows us to demonstrate the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency for the long-term. To show that a client doesn’t have to settle for a lower quality service when they can reap the benefits of a holistic one that makes their investment worthwhile.


We give our consultants every incentive to invest in themselves, talisman and most importantly our clients for the long term.


talisman advisory partners were founded by assessing what companies are craving in their talent acquisition processes and then going ten steps further to help them predict future hiring needs and present a long-standing partnership rather than a thinly-veiled interaction with no evidence that it will go the distance.


This podcast is filled to the brim with important topics of discussion and we will be exploring them all over the coming weeks and months in much more detail. If you listen to this and recognize challenges you have been facing within your own organization and frustrations for your current recruitment process, then reach out directly to discuss further.


What can you expect to learn from this podcast?


  • An introduction to talisman advisory partners
  • What sets talisman apart
  • Defining ‘recruitment-as-a-service’ and its pricing model
  • The limitations of the contingency paradigm
  • Rory’s thoughts on the contained (also known as retained) model
  • The importance of niche marketing today and how narrow talisman is focussed 
  • The importance of storytelling in your content marketing
  • How to nurture online relationships as a recruitment business
  • Active versus passive candidates and finding their motivators
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